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All prices quoted are in (GBP) UK Pounds Sterling. In the case of errors or price changes after a booking has been placed, the customer will be contacted and given the opportunity to cancel. If for any reason, we cannot fulfil your booking, we will inform you immediately and offer you the option to cancel or rebook. Hidden Depths Canal Cruises Ltd liability in the case of cancellation or delay, is limited to the amount paid for the service.

Our Service

We strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and prices. Please contact us with your comments and suggestions or if you have any issues regarding your trip. We can be contacted via email or by telephone using our customer service number +44 (0) 7456084584. Our customer service desk is open daily from 9am – 6pm (excluding public holidays and Christmas holidays). Standard rates apply.

Booking Terms & Conditions

1. Boarding will commence at the booked time, and at the end of the cruise all passengers must disembark within 10 minutes of arrival.

2. All cruises start from and return to the locations specified in your booking confirmation unless otherwise agreed with the Captain.

3. In the event of any passenger not being carried for any cause whatsoever, including their late arrival at the starting point, no liability will be accepted by the operators.

4. Full payment in advance is required for all bookings, and a deposit, payable by debit/credit card, will be required to secure the booking. Invoices are payable within 5 days of receipt.

5. Passengers must board and disembark in accordance with the above terms unless prior written agreement is obtained, otherwise a surcharge on the hourly rate becomes payable. Other bookings permitting, permission may be given to decorate the boat 10 minutes before departure, by prior arrangement with us.

6. The client is welcome to inspect the vessel, by appointment, to satisfy suitability for the client’s requirements.

7. The client shall take full responsibility for any loss or damage to the vessel, property or equipment, caused by the client or the client’s guests. Should the vessel require extensive cleaning due to the conduct on the trip, the trip will cease up to 30 minutes early in order to allow sufficient time to prepare the vessel for the subsequent trip. The client is responsible for the conduct of all members of their party while onboard.

8. During the hire period, the vessel shall remain under the control of the captain and crew appointed by the operator. The hirer shall accept the Captain’s orders as to the sailing and the conduct of the passengers on board. The Captain has the right to refuse passage to any person. Passengers must remain inside the vessel at all times and use only the main exits for embarkation and and disembarkation unless instructed by the crew. Access to the bow and stern decks is not permitted at any time.

9. In the event of cancellation by the client, the deposit will be forfeit. For cancellations made 10 days or less before travel, full payment is due. An alternative date may be arranged at our discretion.

10. Whilst every endeavour is always made to provide the services at the time stated, the operators will not be liable in any way for any inconvenience, loss, injury or damage arising from any cause whatsoever beyond their control, including but not limited to war, pandemic, revolution, riot, civil commotion, public demonstration, sabotage, act of vandalism or Act of God, and for the avoidance of doubt, no refunds of any deposits and/or advance payments will be made in these circumstances.

11. We operate in all weathers, and have roof and side covers in the event of rain. However, we will contact you in advance if our services are likely to be impacted by extraordinary weather conditions. The Captain has the discretion to amend or cancel all cruises prior to and during the trip, and his/her decision is final.

Privacy Policy

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